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Puppy Potty Training Tips

The instant you bring home your little fur ball of joy, you feel as though your family has grown by one. It is important that you sustain a strong connection with the new family member from day one. It is just as important that your puppy is exposed to proper housetraining methods. One of the more important housetraining methods is potty training. Enforcing proper habits from the get-go will avoid your dog exhibiting bad habits later. There are few things more annoying than having a dog that does his business on your floor, leaving a stain, bacteria, and terrible odors.

Many dog owners find potty training to be time consuming and tedious. This does not have to be the case. In fact, it can be very easy, depending on whether or not you know where and how to begin. There is no use getting frustrated. Always remember that your puppy is young, and it may have a hard time catching on to your potty training tactics. Continue with your routine, and eventually he will catch on.

Handy Tips:

• Refrain from training your dog to go potty indoors first, before trying to train him to go outdoors. This will result in you having to train him all over again to go outdoors.

• When you are not watching your puppy, keep your puppy in a crate so that he will not relieve himself around the house, making hidden messes that you might stumble upon days later.

• Try and keep your puppy in rooms that have bare floors. Bare floors are way easier than carpets to clean up in the event that your puppy relieves himself indoors.

• If your puppy decides to relieve himself inside, bring attention by saying "No" or clapping your hands. Proceed to carefully lift him outside and wait for him to finish going to the washroom.

• When potty training, ensure that you follow a routine. Make your puppy wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.

• While potty training, it is best to feed your puppy dry foods so that it will help the puppy to have more solid droppings.

• When training the puppy, don't yell or punish him if he relieves himself inside. Instead, firmly make him understand that it is not proper.

• Leash your puppy and take him to the same spot (where you want him to potty) everyday.

• Provide positive reinforcement for your puppy whenever he relieves himself outside.

• Always make sure you clean the puppy's potty place afterwards

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